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Lemeet is a popular video chat app for meeting cute and exotic strangers. Worried about language barriers? Worry no more! Try our instant Auto-Translate feature, chat with anyone you like and find your match on Lemeet!
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Jun 30, 2022
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If you are looking for a realistic talk then you must go for a platform that is reliable and provides you with real people. But most of the dating apps have the accounts that are used by the AI systems or there are mostly the people who hide their identity by providing fake IDs . That’s why people get scared while opening up to strangers on different social media apps but Lemeet app is an exceptional dating app that will provide you with the real profiles because this app also contains a video calling option so that you can talk to your friends directly and get to know about their hobbies and daily activities.

In this app you can also share your pictures and videos and your friends can also like the pictures and videos that you will upload on this app. You can look for your best match on this app with the help of some simple steps. If you want to have an experience while talking to different people then Lemeet will surely fulfill your expectations.

What is the Lemeet app?

Lemeet is a social platform that will allow you to have conversations with different people around the world . If you are the one who does not go out much and doesn’t know more about the different interests that people have then you should definitely go for this app, because it will help you to explore the whole world. You can make friends from any region of the world and you will also be able to share your pictures on this app and tag your friends.

What is the Lemeet MOD APK?

It is the modified version of the Lemeet app. In this hacked version the user will have the unlocked premium version of this app for free which means that you will be able to make unlimited video calls to your friends. You will also be able to get unlimited credit in this app so that you can make the in-app purchases without spending your own money and if you want to get rid of the ads then this modified version is also suitable for this purpose.

How to tag friends in the pictures that you upload on Lemeet?

In order to tag any person on this app you will first have to add them in your account. After that you will have to upload the picture that you want. While uploading a picture you will get to see some options on it and then you will see the option to tag your friend, write the name of the friend that you want to tag in the picture and click on the upload icon. In this way you will be able to tag your friends.

How to go live on the Lemeet app?

The live stream option on this app will help you to interact with people directly. In order to go live on this app you will have to click on the icon that will appear on your file. That icon will help you to go live on this app. All your followers will receive a notification whenever you go live and they will be able to join it and comment on your live stream.

Features of the Lemeet app

Send requests to the one you like

In this app you will be able to get some suggestions of the people near you and you will be able to send them requests.

Chat with people

This app will also allow you to chat with different people around the globe.

Upload pictures

You can upload your pictures and videos on this app and even tag your friends to these pictures.

Interact with people directly

In order to interact directly with your followers you can go for the live stream option that is available on this app.

Video Chats

If you have any doubt that the person that you are talking to is real or not then you can have direct conversation with them with the help of the video chat option that this app provides.

Features of the Lemeet MOD APK

Unlocked premium

You will be able to become a premium member of this app for free.

Unlimited Credit

You will not have to spend your own money in order to get the paid features.

No ads

You will face no pop up ads while using the Lemeet Mod APK.


Are you annoyed because of the fake IDs that are available on the different social media apps? Then you can shift to the Lemeet app because this app provides authentic users. In order to use this app for free you can download Lemeet Mod APK.


Q. Does Lemeet app have access to my personal chats?

No, the chats on this app are fully encrypted.

Q. Can I make friends with foreigners with the help of Lemeet?

Yes, you will be able to send requests to people of any region in the world.