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Chat Ai Assistant - Now AI is a powerful AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT & GPT 4 API and NowAi.v2 algorithm
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Jun 29, 2023
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Recently, there is a phrase that is in the center of all attention, a new technology has been released but has spread widely across the country and received many positive reviews from users. That phrase is “ChatGPT” – an AI chatbot with the ability to answer questions in detail, as sharp as a human. People have compared this technology will create a revolution in the current new era. You can now download the ChatGPT app to your Android phone.

About ChatGPT

The most popular feature of ChatGPT lies in AI’s ability to access information extremely quickly. Think of ChatGPT as your virtual assistant, ask it what information you want to look up, the AI system will immediately search for these things and give you the most satisfactory answer. With multi-disciplinary knowledge, all your questions will be solved in just a few seconds.

ChatGPT is also programmed to appear as an AI writer. The application can understand and answer many types of user questions, and continuously update the user’s way of speaking and language to improve its ability to answer. This also makes ChatGPT a useful AI assistant to understand input and respond in the most human-like way.

Knowledge in all fields

Not only with the ability to chat like a real person, ChatGPT also proves to be extremely versatile when it comes to solving problems in many different fields. ChatGPT technology promises to gradually replace Google when someone wants to look up something. Let’s take a look at a few prominent areas where ChatGPT can act as an expert:

  • Legal: Do you need advice on legal disputes, what is in the applicable laws or contractual issues that are troubling you? Ask the app a question, you will get an answer in just a few seconds.
  • Education: If you have difficulty with a math problem, want to find historical information or use an English phrase that you don’t know the meaning of… ChatGPT will play the role of an expert on education, any sentence. Any question only takes a few seconds!
  • News: All the latest information about the world political situation will be updated immediately by ChatGPT, as long as it is posted on social networks. You will very easily get current information without searching too much on other websites.

Support all languages

If language barriers are your barrier to accessing ChatGPT, don’t worry! ChatGPT – AI Chat, AI Friend is set up to be able to use many different languages from English, Chinese, German… and even Vietnamese. Of course, in any language, the application can use algorithms to filter information in the most accurate way, and at the same time acquire and learn the language in a scientific way to improve responsiveness.

In addition, all your chats or answers to your problems from AI chatbot will be saved unlimitedly in the “History” section. Users can easily search and review the searched information at any time. If you don’t want to keep them, you can also delete them as if they never existed.

Friendly interface

When receiving the first information about the ChatGPT application, many people were quite confused because its features can be very picky to use. However, the truth is quite the opposite because ChatGPT offers you the most advanced and convenient way to communicate with chatbots. The user-friendly and optimized interface makes it easy for users to approach and chat with ChatGPT like a multi-talented friend.

MOD APK version of ChatGPT

MOD feature

  • Pro Unlocked